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Being a member of our club has great advantages. You will:
  • Learn from masters at our lecture meetings.
  • Enjoy a magic meeting every month.
  • Recieve a Membership Certificate.
  • Have an opportunity to perform and receive feedback at most meetings.
  • Learn at least one (and up to 20) tricks at every meeting.
  • Socialise with other magicians.
  • Discover some of the finer points about performance.
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You will need to agree to support and abide by the Objects and the Rules of the Club which you can review here.

Fill in the form below if you are over 18 and interested in becoming a Member. If you are under 18 please click here to fill in a different application form.

The fee of Membership is a one-off application fee of $25.00 and an annual membership fee of $40.00

The annual fee is due before 30th June every year and covers the period from July to June. If you join part way through a year the fee is calculated at $12.00 for each quarter or part thereof remaining.
For example:
If joining in September the fee is $25.00 application fee plus $40.00 annual fee.
If joining in October the fee is $25.00 (application fee) plus $36.00 (3 quarters at $12.00).
If joining in January the fee is $25.00 (application fee) plus $24.00 (2 quarters at $12.00).
If joining in April the fee is $25.00 (application fee) plus $12.00 (1 quarter at $12.00).

Please note: Submitting an application and payment does not automatically mean you become a Member. We reserve the right to determine your eligibilty for membership. Should membership be declined we will advise and will refund any monies paid.

If you would like to join please complete the application form below and one of our Leadership Team Members will be in touch soon.
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