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Show Us a TrickThis session on a General Meeting goes from 7:30pm to 8:30pm and is the opportunity for any Members or Junior Members to show the assembled crowd a trick. This is also an opportunity to recieve feedback for your performance.

The best feedback you can get is from friends who want to see you succeed in your interest and performance of magic. Feedback is an essential part of improvement and will clarify areas to work on.

There are experienced Members in the audience who will pay attention to 3 aspects of your performance and can provide feedback either in public or in private after your performance.

These three areas are:

The Effect - The 3 elements of the effect observed by the Experienced Members are:
  • Strong Effect – Is this an apparent miracle (like passing one solid object through another) or something that anyone can do (like taking off your thumb)?
  • Openness – Are all audience members able to see the effect or does the magician appear to be hiding something?
  • Well executed – Is the presentation of the effect smooth or awkward?

The Patter - The 3 elements of the effect observed by the Experienced Members are:
  • Believable – Does the story make sense, sound appropriate and is well told?
  • Embedded commands – Does the patter include subtle acceptable statements or is it so obvious as to arouse suspicion (“I have here an ordinary deck of cards”)?
  • Emotional content – Does the magician employ any emotional triggers to reinforce the magic such as humour or pathos or is the patter merely a commentary of the trick?

The Performace - The 3 elements of the effect observed by the Experienced Members are:
  • Confidence – Does the magician display confidence, good projection, good connection with the audience or is the audience straining to see, hear and connect with the magician?
  • Stagecraft – Does the magician take full advantage of the available stage or stay in the one (not the best) spot ?
  • Pace – Does the magician move along at a good pace or goes to slow or too fast?

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