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CommitteeWe would welcome your application but your need to know there are a few prerequisites:
  • You need to be a financial Member or and Associate (not a Junior Member)
  • You need to demonstrate a level of committment to the club activities
  • You need to be able to attend and perform administration functions at the regular club meetings
  • You need to be able to spare at least 4 hours a month for a committee meeting.
There are a number of positions available and they are outlined below:

This role includes:
  • MC for all meetings
  • Liasing with all other Leadership Team members to make sure every thing runs smoothly
  • Attends and chairs monthly Committee meetings
  • Person with whom the buck stops

The role includes:

  • Handles all the club funds
  • Reconciles the bank account
  • Assists with running of the meeting
  • Attends every monthly committee meeting
  • Reports on finances at Committee meetings

The role includes:

  • Calling AGM General and Committee meetings.
  • Attends every monthly committee meeting
  • Reports to Committee meetings
  • Minute taker at Committee and General meetings.
  • Advising new applicants of staus of their application.
  • Maintaining the club member database.
  • Preparation of new member packs including Certificates, Badges etc.

Program and Publicity
The role includes

  • Prepares meeting agenda and advises President of run sheet
  • Liases with members on the program of upcoming meetings
  • Liases with Lecturers for special lecture meetings
  • Publicises meetings
  • Provides lists of attendees at meetings to President and others on Leadership Team.
  • Attends every monthly Committee meeting and
  • Reports to Committee

The above positions also make up the Committee for the purpose of policy and direction. The following positions can also form part of the committee.

Front Desk
The role includes:

  • Handles the front desk at meetings
  • Takes payments when applicable
  • Reports to the Treasurer
  • Provide guests contact details to the Visitor Hosts for followup after the meeting

Visitor Hosts/Membership
There can be a number of people in this team. The role incudes:

  • Welcoming guests at club meetings
  • Explaining meeting format to guests
  • Following up after meeting regarding joining
As remuneration for all this work the club will waive your annual membership fees. If you would like to consider doing any of the above please contact us via the form below and let us know.

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