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How did you do thatThis is a 10 minute segment of most of our meeting programs where a Member performs one of their favourite effects or tricks and then explains the moves.

This provides additional value to the meeting participants in expanding their knowledge of magic. It also boosts the confidence of the performer.

Naturally this would be something that the performer has practiced well enough to maintain the illusion of magic and an effect that can be explained without the need of an expensive gaff or gimmick that would be hard to procure.

Some presenters will also have available written descriptions of the effect that could assist in understanding. Something like this:
Name of the effect: Professors Nightmare
Original Inventor: Bob Carver 1957
Props needed: 3 pieces of rope, 1 short, 1 medium and 1 long
Effect: 3 different ropes are made to be the same length and then back again to different lengths
How to do: You need to come along to a meeting to find this out!
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So, if you are a Member or Junior Member and up for it please complete the form below. A member of the committee will contact you and discuss your application, help you with presentation details and advise if and when you can be included in the program.

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