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3 minute spotSo you are interested in doing the 3 Minute Spot at an upcoming meeting? That's great, we look forward to seeing you. Just a few things you need to know.
  • You must be a Member or a Junior Member to be eligible
  • You need to make sure you are able to cover everything in 3 minutes (no more) so a bit of practice may be in order
  • Its a good idea to include a performance of your favourite short trick
So here is the guide to how to construct your 3 Minute Spot:
Imagine you are answering these questions:
  • What is your name - Fred Smith (only use this name if your name is Fred Smith)
  • What suburb do you live in and what are the family dynamics - Married with 4 kids all boys except for 2 who are girls living in Arundel
  • What do you do most of the time - Work as an ambulance driver on Gold Coast or currently getting an education at Coomera School
  • When did your interest in magic begin - Before I was even born
  • What type of magic are you most interested in - Prestidigitation
  • What you would like your magic future to include - On the stages of the world with Penn and Teller
  • What is your favorite trick - Cutting the assistant in half
So, if you are up for it, please complete the form below and we let you know when we can slot you in. You will be able to download a guide once you complete the form.
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